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Artist Talk + Taco Dinner


Please join us tonight as Malin will give a short presentation of her artistic practice and work in progress. Afterwards, we will cook and eat a meal together, consisting of Swedish style texmex tacos. 

Malin Lin Nordström





Malin Lin Nordström (b 1984) is a multidisciplinary artist from Sweden/Taiwan who is currently based in Tromsø, Norway. Working in a range of media, including performance, installation, video, sound and text, she investigates questions related to the human psychology in a globalised, late capitalist society, and how these can be observed and understood on a smaller scale in everyday life. 

One of the topics Malin explores in her work is rituals and spirituality, and how these can be understood and applied in a contemporary, secular context. 

This month Malin is staying at 14-54 as an artist-in-residence, researching funeral rituals in contemporary Japan. This will result in an exhibition at 14-54 with opening on 29th of June.